Master 200 GT

6 day course

– British and International Maritime Regulations
– IMO regulation, including all international maritime safety and training conventions
– Knowledge of tide calculations, radar, stability, weather, routes
– International regulation to prevent collisions at sea
– Other notions necessary for the command role of units up to 200 GT



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January 29, 2024
February 4, 2024 (All day)

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It also allows boarding at the harbor master’s office on ships flying the Italian flag.

The title of MASTER 200 GT is aimed at those who have already achieved at least the title of RYA/MCA offshore Yachtmaster with commercial endorsements for at least 6 months.

The exam preparation course is a theoretical course and in order to obtain the qualification, only one oral exam in English must be passed.

The exam syllabus, comparable to that of the Marine Officer, includes the examinee’s knowledge of UK and international maritime regulation.

From IMO regulations, including all international maritime training and safety conventions, to MARPOL and SOLAS, to knowledge of tide calculations, radar, stability, weather, routes, international regulation to prevent collisions at sea, on-board certifications, crew agreements and many other notions necessary for the role of commander of units up to 200 GT and as first officer aboard units up to 500 GT.

The course is divided into two sessions:

In the first session all the notions to be able to take the exam are introduced. A telematic support will be sent to the candidate and projections will be sent during the course to perfect the transmission of the notions necessary to pass the exam.

In the second session, a mock exam is presented for the candidate to. Please familiarize yourself with the speaking test you will be facing.


  • Shorebased Course
  • Yachtmaster Offshore
  • Commercial Endorsement
  • Basic Training STCW ‘95
  • GMDSS Roc o GOC
  • ENG1
  • Helm Operational level (online)
  • Passport
  • Notice of Eligibility form

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Master 200 GT
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